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Make your own – Hot Water Bottle Cover FREE Knitting Pattern

Hot water bottles are a great way to quickly get your body warm, or to apply heat to sore muscles and aches and pains. Our favourite way to warm up with one is under a blanket on the sofa or by popping one in bed about 10 minutes before you get in to take off the chill!

We’ve created two fabulous knitted hot water bottle cover patterns for you – one free to download here – our Cable Knit Hot Water Bottle Cover and a traditional fair isle pattern for those who like a bit more of a challenge – Fairisle Hot Water Bottle Cover.

These would make great Christmas presents, or look good made in colours to compliment your home décor if you’re making one for yourself.

We got our inner from ASDA here Cream Hot Water Bottle 1.7L | Home | George at ASDA but similar are available in other supermarkets!

Remember to stay safe when using your jazzy new hot water bottle, here’s a few tips;

· Never fill with boiling water – this can compromise the structure of the rubber and make it prone to leaks or splits. Boil the kettle and allow the water to cool slightly.

· Fill slowly to avoid splashes.

· Don’t overfill – ¾ full is best, otherwise it can burst.

· Tighten the stopper securely – you don’t want it to leak or come undone. Don’t secure too tightly though as this can cause the material to split.

· Remove from the bed before you get inside, especially in the case of small children or the elderly who cannot move away from the hot water bottle as quickly or easily.

· Always look for the British Safety Standard BS1970 mark on the hot water bottle.

· Replace every 2-3 years (you can use your cover on the new inner!)

If you do make our Cable Hot Water Bottle Cover or our Fair Isle Cover, be sure to tag us on social media @little.fig.handmade ! We'd love to see what you create!

- Michelle


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