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The Scrappy Cardigan - Update #3

Well I’ve reached the underarms, and the biggest challenge so far has been to keep to the promise to sewing in the ends as I work. If you’re familiar with our knitting patterns, you’ll know that I like to go for as little sewing as possible, so this has definitely upped the commitment level with this Lent undertaking. I’m still really loving the mindfulness and therapeutic properties of this project, though, and now I’m on the sleeves, I’m feeling much more optimistic that this might be finished in time for Easter. 

I’m working both the sleeves together. I didn’t want them to have a restricting fit, so I have made them quite wide. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be too wide, and I could end up adjusting the final pattern. But I know I’m not going to be pulling these back, when they’ve taken so long to get to this point! 

I began with two mesh bags full of scraps to work with, and I’m down to one basket. I’m not sure yet if I’ll need to bring in another odd ball or two – I don’t think so, I’ll know by the time I get the arms ready to attach to the body.  

The next update will be when the arms and body are all joined together, to finish the cardigan in one piece. I’ve been playing around with ideas for the raglans. I haven’t decided yet on whether to go with a standard raglan, or to create more of a dropped shoulder. I’ll let you know in the next update! 

Michelle x  


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