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Pattern SOS

For any Little Fig patterns you purchase, we are always on hand to answer your questions. If you find any aspect of the pattern isn’t working out, we will happily offer you guidance on how to work it through. We can send you some instructions, or chat with you to solve the issue.


If you reach a point at which you realise you won’t have time to make the garment, but would still like to have one, please contact us to receive a “trade-in” on your pattern against the cost of us making the garment for you.


Please note that we don’t offer refunds on patterns, and it is important that you have taken note of the pattern difficulty before you purchase, as although we will do everything possible to help you with any challenging points in the pattern, we cannot be responsible for the level of difficulty of the pattern you have chosen. Each pattern has a difficulty rating in the description, based on feedback from our test makers.

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