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Become a Pattern Tester

Thank you for your interest in becoming a pattern tester! We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic new testers to join our lovely team of test crocheters, knitters and sewists. Scroll to the bottom of the page to register your interest...

Why do we need testers?

Whilst we are both experienced pattern writers, we try and aim our patterns at a range of skillsets, so we find it invaluable to get a different perspective on how our patterns are written and constructed. We like to ensure that the pattern doesn't have any key bits of information missing, and of course make sure that there are no errors in the pattern - sometimes a fresh set of eyes can work wonders!

Why become a pattern tester?

Pattern testing is a great way to get sneak peeks and early access to new patterns, plus we offer a discount code on all PDF patterns for all testers and most importantly you receive the full finished pattern you have tested once published. Pattern testing can be a great way to improve your skills, try something new, and share your makes with our lovely community.

What makes a great pattern tester?

·       Happy to communicate via email/Instagram during the testing period and beyond

·       Can flag up any issues or queries during testing

·       Can give constructive criticism

·       Have time to test patterns on a regular basis

·       Are able to source your own materials (yarn, hooks, needles, fabric, sewing machines)

·       Able to share pictures with us – worn photos for fit checking, worn or flat lay photos to be shared on social media and our website

·       Happy to fill out a short survey if needed after completing the pattern test


How does testing work?

1.    Once registered as a pattern tester you will be allocated a group based on your craft (crochet/sewing/knitting). When a pattern is ready to be tested, we send out an email to our potential testers to see who is available and would like to test during the timeframe set. Sometimes our patterns have different ‘views’ (for example a top which has multiple design options such as a collar or sleeves) and sizes we need to test, which means we may not have a need for everyone we reach out to. However, we aim to include everyone who has expressed an interest in testing the pattern as we love to see what different looks people create!

2.    We usually have our pattern ready to send out to testers once interest has been registered for testing the pattern. All sewing patterns are sent in a A0 and A4 printable format, and crochet and knitting patterns are in an A4 printable format. Our timeframes can vary anywhere between 2 – 6 weeks depending on the item and the craft. Whilst testing, we encourage you to contact us with any queries so that you can complete a garment you are proud of – and we can make note of any issues to fix them immediately.

3.    Once completed, we ask for feedback, occasionally in the form of a survey, or simply via email. Any edits are considered and the pattern is amended as necessary. We try to get back to each person whose feedback we have implemented so that they can see where they have helped make the pattern more user friendly. We also ask for photos (worn or flatlay) for us to share on social media, as well as worn photos to check fit which are not shared without your permission.

4.    You receive the full copy of the pattern on release day!

How do I register my interest?

Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch! We have a group of testers for each skill type (crochet, knitting, sewing) and all new patterns are offered for testing to everyone in each group. 

Become a Pattern Tester

What patterns would you like to test?
Have you tested patterns before?
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