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Make your own - Crochet Ric-Rac Trim FREE Crochet Tutorial

We had a lot of questions on how we made this fabulous rainbow ric-rac trim for our Denim Mollie Skirt, so we've put together a quick tutorial on how to make it yourself at home, perfect for brightening up any make, or something old that needs a new lease of life.

We used Drops Safran 4ply cotton on a 3mm hook, but you could just as easily use heavier yarn and a larger hook for a more chunky effect. If you’d like to give it a try, and make some ric-rac of your own, check out the simple instructions below.


Using red, chain to 1.7 times the length required (it’s better to go too long, and be able to unpick, than to try to add on afterwards), in multiples of 10 plus 2 stitches.

(In red) Row 1: Tr into 3rd chain from hook. Tr into next chain, *Tr into next 3 chains, Tr3tog over next 3 chains, Tr into next 3 chains, 3Tr into next chain, repeat from * to end, with 2Tr in final chain. Bind off.

(In orange) Row 2: Attach yarn at beginning of row (so that all colour stripes are running the same way, not back and forth). Ch3 (counts as first Tr), Tr into first stitch, *Tr into next 3 stitches, Tr3tog over next 3 stitches, Tr into next 3 stitches, 3Tr into next stitch, repeat from * to end, with 2Tr in final stitch. Bind off.

Continue in this way until you have worked all your rainbow colours.

Now pin the ric-rac in place wherever it’s being used. You can now shorten the length if needed, starting with the last row you worked, by undoing your bind off, and gently pulling out the stitches until you reach the desired length. Bind off again. Repeat with the lower rows.

Stitch in place using a neat slipstitch, along the top and bottom of the trim using a coordinating thread.

And you're done!

Let us know how you get on and don’t forget to tag us in your makes, we'd love to know how you use this trim! @little.fig.handmade on Instagram, and @littlefigstore on Facebook.

- Michelle x


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