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How to put together a Little Fig PDF Sewing Pattern

All of our sewing patterns come with a A4 Print Cut and Stick and an A0 Copyshop Printing File. Here's a quick guide on how to use both types of file...

Copyshop Files

If you're printing a copyshop file, then it's as simple as sending the file to a copyshop for a personal printed copy on one big sheet - much like a 'traditional' paper sewing pattern, but on stronger paper! If you request for all the layers to be printed, then you could use this as a master copy and trace off the pattern pieces in the size you want to use separately. Then you can re-use the pattern lots of times in multiple sizes. Or, you can get it printed using one size layer, for the one size printed as whole pattern pieces. Below is an example of a section of one of our A0 pattern files...

We recommend using a local printing company to get the best price, quickest turnaround and to support local! Sometimes companies will not print a file if you are not the original pattern author - if you encounter any issues with this, pop us a message and we can recommend some places to get your patterns printed.

A4 Print, Cut and Stick Files

These are our 'standard' PDF files. We include instructions on how to put these together on every pattern, but just incase you've misplaced this or want to see how they work before you buy, follow the instructions below!

Make sure that you print your pattern at 100%. Don’t select fit to page when printing. Always measure your sample squares to ensure you have printed at the correct size.

If you are struggling to see the colour lines, print the pattern in Black and White or Grayscale. All printers will vary slightly so print a test page first to check the colours and sizing.

1. Print pattern at 100%. Do not select fit to page.

2. Measure the 2cm x 2cm or 1” x 1” square to check the accuracy of the printing.

3. Cut off the excess white edge along the patterns where you will be joining them, this will make them a little easier to line up.

4. Join the edges of the circles and line up the pattern pages. Stick in place with glue or tape.

5. Cut out your desired size based on measurements.

Hopefully this has given you a little bit more of an idea about how the different types of file work, that are included when you purchase one of our PDF Sewing Patterns!

- Charis & Michelle x


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