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Christmas Gifts for Children - Small Business Feature

Piles and piles of toys used to be popular at Christmas, but even more than ever, people are looking to buy smaller, more sustainably and more thoughtfully during the holidays. We've put together a guide full of special gifts for Children, that will go perfectly with those special toy purchases.

When buying for Children, here's an easy formula to follow if you want to keep things a little more simple -

Something they want: a big ticket item, usually branded toys (Fig has circled the entire Smyths catalogue so a few specific things will be chosen!).

Something they need: might be a hobby item, sports equipment or clothing, stationery, toiletries.

Something to wear: a new Christmas outfit, a new pair of boots or shoes, festive pyjamas, or some new basic clothes.

Something to read: a book, magazine subscription, activity books.

Something homemade or handmade: a special toy or accessory that you purchase handmade or something you make at home.

This guide will give a few ideas for all of these suggestions from small businesses, read on for some festive inspiration!

Instagram: @heartsandsmiles_handmade

Hearts & Smiles is run by Sam and Milly, a mum and daughter team creating primarily delicious smelling whipped soaps and fun shaped bath bombs, but they also have some adorable crochet accessories! Everything is handmade by them, and their bathbombs especially are visually impressive, smell amazing and are gentle on skin. They also have a new range of festive products available!

Instagram: @beeandbearboutique

Bee & Bear create comfortable and cute clothes for little ones, in a range of fun Cotton Jersey. We love these prints from their festive drop - and they can be used to make a wide range of different items of clothing for you to order! These prints aren’t strictly Christmas and so can be worn all Winter long - and you know how we love pieces with longevity!

Instagram: @mojoandco_preloved_kids

Mojo & Co sell pre-loved childrens clothes - they stock a wide variety of branded childrenswear and accessories, all in excellent condition. Their aim is to reduce waste, get more life from pre-loved clothes, and make branded clothing accessible for all budgets. We love this concept so much, and it would be a great way to buy a special Christmas outfit without having to spend a lot of money. They also stock a lot of Little Bird and Scandi brands which can be hard to get hold of pre-loved, so be sure to get in quick with purchases!

Instagram: @timefliesforkids

Time Flies for Kids is run by Jill and Lucy, who design and create educational (and most importantly fun!) activity packs for children. They offer a wide range of activities and inspiration from baking, to mindfulness with children, which are perfect when you are lost for ideas on a rainy day, or have exhausted all usual activities in the holidays! We think one of these activity packs would be the perfect gift to keep children entertained when visiting family over the festive period.

Instagram: @bead_stars

Louisa creates quality jewelry making kits that are designed with children in mind. They would make the perfect gift for an older child or teenager to make up themselves, or for a slightly younger child to make with help. All of the kits include everything you need to design your own jewelry, and make it up, meaning you don’t need to purchase any extras. Again these would make the perfect gift to keep children busy over the festive period and can be packed away easily in the box provided so you don’t lose anything!

Instagram: @tillyflosscreations

Tilly Floss Creations makes hand poured, personalised and seasonal shaped crayons and chalks, as well as activity sets and kits. They have lovely Christmas crayon sets, which would be great to include in an advent calendar or stocking, and personalised sets which would make a special gift if you have a name that you can never normally buy on personalised things!

And finally, of course there’s us here at Little Fig! Everything is handmade by just us two, with really careful use of resources, made with love and care. We’re always happy to chat with you, if you can’t decide what to buy - just send us a little message and we’d love to help.

We hope you got a few unique ideas for children’s gifts from this guide, and have discovered some new small businesses!

- Charis & Michelle


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